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Dinner with a View

North America

Dinner With A View is an intimate and limited-time pop-up dining experience sponsored by American Express as well as other notable brands like Volvo, Kronenbourg and Nestlé.

Participating guests enjoy a 3-course blind menu which takes place in clear, frameless, geodesic domes. The meals are masterfully created by an award-winning celebrity chef using locally sourced ingredients. Partnered Chefs to date include René Rodriguez, Paul Moran and Claudette Zepeda.

The pop-up experience lasts approximately 30 days with three daily seatings. There are anywhere between 30-40 domes, each seating 4 to 6 patrons. To date the event has visited Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, San Diego and Ottawa with an average of 14,000 guests per event. Future event locations include but are not limited to Chicago, Winnipeg, Halifax, Washington, Boston and Seattle.

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Dinner with a View
Miami, LA

Santorini by Georgios

Miami, FL


Miami, FL

Hilton Bentley/South Beach